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We are a friendly talk line service which is available to adults who are having a panic attack or anxiety attack.

If you would like to volunteer please see our FAQ section. 



Monday - Sunday: 6am to 12am (Midnight)

Office hours:

Monday: 2pm - 7pm

Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 12pm

Sunday: Closed 



A little bit about us

One Saturday I was having a panic attack and none of my friends were answering their phones.  To try help myself I googled talk lines to phone but I couldn't find any.  The ones I did find were talking about treatments but I didn't want a treatment I just wanted a friend to talk too, in fact, anyone to talk too.

That was the exact moment I decided to create something so people like me have someone to talk to during a panic attack or anxiety flareup.

Talkable is a talk line service that's available to anyone who is having a panic attack or just feeling anxious and needs someone to talk to to help get them through it.  You can either phone our number or message us through our social media accounts to request a call back.  It's completely confidential and you don't have to provide us with any personal information. 

We don't offer any treatment or referrals.  We are simply offering a friend at the end of the phone. 


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Feedback from Talkable users

I was on the phone to a lovely lady called Diane last night due to feeling anxious. After chatting to her and doing some breathing exercises I went to bed feeling a bit less anxious and managed to get a better sleep than I had over the last few days.

Talkable User

I just needed a reassuring voice to tell me that it would be okay and the Talkable volunteer made me feel very much reassured.

Talkable User


Help Center

You Asked, We Answered

How Can I Volunteer?

It's simple. You click the button above this question called 'Registration document' to download a copy of our form. once you fill in in simply email it back to us at info@talkable.online.

What if I need to phone out with these hours?

At Talkable we understand that anxiety doesn't have a clock off time but unfortunately we do not offer a service from 12am-6am but we are looking to extend the service and make it 24/7.  You can however leave us a call back message and someone will be in touch as soon as we get it.

What if I am not satisfied with Talkable?

You can fill out the rate us form on this site, email us or give us a message on our social media sites and someone will get back to you by the end of the next working day.